Astrophotography Workshops

  • Sun Oct 22 Mt. Whitney Trail hike - $350 8am -6 pmWant to include Mobius Rock Astrophotography $150 additional (both total $500) 7-11 pm
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Moon & Planes Workshops

  • Sun Oct 15 4:30-7:30 Daylight Moon & Planes Whittier $250Thurs Nov. 2 Full Moon & Planes  6-9 pm Whittier - $250

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Custom Photography Workshops

Taylored to your specific needs. 

I work with you to bring the best out of your camera and lenses, whatever your goals are in photography.

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Raul Roa has been a professional photojournalist in Southern California for 23 years. Nature, wildlife and astrophotography are his passion along with passing his skills and knowledge of photography to those who need it.

For us, quality comes first.  We're professional photographers with decades of experience ready to teach you what we've learned over the years. Experienced in many types of photography, we're known for our teaching techniques that get you learning right away.  
Taking a workshop is the best way to learn how to use your camera and lenses.  We teach you from the ground up, or give you refreshers so you stay sharp in your field of photography.
We always scout out locations before taking you into the field so you have a memorable experience.  If you learn the basics of photography, you can apply those basics to any situation that comes at you.

Our workshops are held in the field so you can immediately begin to use the knowledge we pass on to you.  Moon & Planes daylight and Full Moon workshops are held in Whittier, CA.  Astrophotography/Milky Way workshops are held in the Angeles Forest National Park, San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, Joshua Tree National Park, Big Bear and at other locations where the skies have less light pollution.

  Sign up today and find out how much we have to offer to your personal photographic growth.

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For more information on amy of our workshops, please visit or email me at

We are always ready to listen and create a comprehensive program for your enjoyment and advancement in photography.